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Buying on our store not only gives you something amazing in-game, it also helps us too!

When you make a purchase, you are helping make ExploreKraft a better server for everyone!

Policy for purchasing of ranks (No pay to win)

Minecraft requires servers follow certain rules known as the EULA, and our server follows them. If you believe there is an infraction with this, open a support ticket with the Mod Mail Bot named 'Tickets' on our Discord server to let us know.

Want to make a purchase, but need to know more first?

    Paying for an online product is common in our day in age, but for an item that is for an online game, still, also very common, sounds very strange. To describe more or less of what exactly this purchase is, we’ll provide more information explaining in depth exactly what the item is, what the benefits are, where the money goes, and how it impacts the place it is being purchased on in the long run.

[1] Where is the purchase taking place?

    Trusting the store where a purchase takes place, including the way a payment is handled is the best place to start before clicking buy. The “store” in this case is for a Minecraft server on the game called Minecraft. The way purchases are made on our store first go through our Shop supplier, which is CraftingStore. They are a registered company in The Netherlands, and you can find them listed under the chamber of commerce number 73584088. If you need to contact them, their support email is [email protected] We use them because they are registered and official.

[2] What is the game Minecraft?

Minecraft is the most-ever purchased online game in the world, which is owned and maintained by Microsoft. A Minecraft Server is something that anyone who buys the game can play on. Right now, you are on the Store website of a server known as ExploreKraft.

[3] What is ExplorerKraft?

ExploreKraft is a Minecraft Server which has been around since 2013, but didn’t go public until December 2019. Since then, it has been uninterruptibly maintained every single day by a team of Moderators and a caring Owner. The server is online 24/7 and plans to keep running for years on end.

[4] How is the payment managed?

 When an item is purchased on the shop, the ExploreKraft server only receives the monetary value and the name of the purchaser. CraftingStore takes care of the payment and sends the details encrypted through your supplied method of purchasing. Once the purchase is complete, the customer will receive his/her purchase(s) in-game within 2-10 minutes. If not, please contact us directly.

[5] What impact does the purchase make on the user and server? 

When purchasing an item on our Store, you will get the satisfaction of your brand new purchase, whether that be a rank, a crate, cosmetics, addons for towny or factions, or any other item that is purchasable. You will also be directly supporting all the people that work hard every single day to provide the best game experience they can for you! With that money from your purchase, to directly define the pathway where the money travels, the profit from your purchase goes into the server’s funding, which is then used to directly purchase improvements for the ExploreKraft server.
Thank you for considering a purchase on the ExploreKraft Network!

Evan Thebearge
ExploreKraft Owner 

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