ExploreKraft's Terms Of Service

Us at ExploreKraft want to make sure there is a 100% Customer Satisfaction.

With that, here are the rules you agree to when you purchase a rank.

- Ranks are not returnable, but in special cases if a child has purchased a rank without your consent please messages us within 48 hours and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Support Email: [email protected]

- Purchasing on the Store does not prevent you from getting banned. If you do not follow the rules appropriately, proper action will take place. The rules are available at: Click here for rules

- Ranks may change at any moment with or without any warning. Usually this includes adding features for new games.

- We will try our best to make sure ranks stay fair and are 100% working, and if there is any issues with a rank, open a support ticket with the ModMail bot on our Discord Server. Discord: https://explorekraft.ml/discord